Moncler launch a campaign to boycott rampant piracy

Recently, Cheap Moncler Jackets launch a campaign to boycott rampant piracy. The brand stand in the forefront of the opposition to maintain its brand and identity, and move forward to protect the interests of their customers. At the same time, Moncler very actively involved in a large scale activities that object to abuse the label “made in Italy”. In fact, as many top and famous brands, Italian fashion association has begun to take actions to boycott the growing number of the fake products. These actions cause some certain good influence on fashion world. In every Moncler down jacket, there is the unique identification code to be sewn in the product label. The information includes identification of authenticity, product line the products belong to and so on. This kind of service support eight different languages. Meanwhile, the website provides information of the supply chain in the home page and remind customers to protect their own interests.

Many people can’t afford the price, and the cheap products from other company can’t meet their demand. And this situation gives a chance to some people who make fake Moncler products, which definitely have a bad affect on the distribution of the real Moncler UK. Please make sure you buy the products through the legal retailers.If the clothes have bad smell, you had better not choose them. The weight of cotter is twice as much as the down with same volume. So down jackets filled with down are always very light. Those are the seven tips in choosing down jackets. The down jackets produced by Moncler have all of those features, no wonder Moncler jackets are so welcomed in the world.

moncler UK

These imitation and counterfeit products damage the reputation of “Made in Italy”, which was once a representative of superior quality and perfect originality. Moncler Outlet black market transaction, which causes the indirect damages to the brand. It not only damages the taxpayers and the company, but also brings many professional risks. Therefore, Moncler set strict anti piracy program, and take actions against all the forged behavior and piracy.

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